Did you know that England’s planning system is changing?

We need an effective planning system to help us all benefit from a wilder future, where nature is recovering and we all live in healthy communities with natural green spaces on our doorsteps. We know that the current system isn’t working, but we’re concerned that the new reforms will make a bad situation even worse.

We know that you’ll be worried to hear that under these new reforms it could be much more difficult for us at Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust to respond to planning proposals and stand up for wildlife (Read more about our planning work here). 

It’s not good enough.

We believe the reforms could get back on the right track, with our principles underpinning them. The reforms are out for consultation now: will you speak up for wildlife and demand more from the planning system?


Our 5 principles:

We’re asking the Government to:

1. Ensure wildlife recovery, and people’s easy access to nature, is at the heart of the planning reform

2. Ensure nature protection policies and standards are not weakened

3. Protect new land in recovery under a new designation – Wildbelt

4. Ensure people are able to fully engage with the planning system

5. Make planning decisions based on accurate and up-to-date nature data

Will you help us to respond to the Government’s consultation?



(c) Barn owl, by Andy Rouse/2020VISION