Help us ensure a safe return for beavers to the wild

Right now, the Government is running a public consultation on how beavers in England can be returned to the wild. The Wildlife Trusts welcome this consultation and now that it is finally here, we need you to show your support for a safe return for beavers to the wild. 

We know that like us, many of you care about these amazing creatures and want to see them back in our local rivers. Beavers are nature’s engineers and we have been privileged to witness their extraordinary ability to naturalise rivers and wetlands, improving them for wildlife, enhancing water quality and helping to alleviate the risk of floods and droughts.

  • Beavers make our streams, rivers and wetland habitats better for both wildlife and people.
  • They provide new homes for a wealth of wildlife like dragonflies, otters, and water voles.
  • They also make positive changes to the entire river catchment, helping to improve water quality, reducing the risk of flooding and drought, and helping to tackle climate change by locking up carbon.

We know that beavers have the potential to play an unrivalled role in nature’s recovery, because The Wildlife Trusts nationally have been working to bring back beavers to the wild for many years. We have studied and monitored them and have successfully worked with communities where beavers are already living wild alongside people.

We have seen the benefits that beavers can bring, which is why we need an ambitious strategy for managing the return of beavers to be the very best it can be. We need the Government to adopt all of The Wildlife Trusts’ recommendations, so that beavers can be given the freedom to restore our rivers and wetlands for the benefit of both people and wildlife.

Click here to back our call for the safe return of beavers to the wild.