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Local wildlife to benefit from international support

[lead]Sheffield & Rotherham Wildlife Trust are very happy to welcome Egress Software Technologies Ltd on board as a Diamond Level corporate supporter.[/lead]

The international company, which provides intelligent email security and collaboration solutions, has opened up a new branch in Waverley, and as an environmentally aware business wanted to help make the local landscape rich in wildlife, for everyone.

A spokeperson from Egress commented:

“Our software empowers organisations to achieve digital transformation on unprecedented scales –and as part of this we support the positive impact they can have on the environment. For example, being able to securely and digitally transfer data enables government departments and organisations like banks and law firms to reduce the amount of paper used for printing information and the emissions released to have these printouts couriered and posted to their recipients.

But we recognise we can always do more to help protect the local environment and nature, particularly where our offices are based. That’s why we’ve chosen to support fantastic organisations like the Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust. One of our two UK-based offices is located in Sheffield and it’s a priority for us to make a real impact in the environments where our valued employees live and work. We look forward to our ongoing partnership with Sheffield & Rotherham Wildlife Trust, and the many different ways we can support them in future!”

Sheffield & Rotherham Wildlife Trust works with businesses of all shapes and sizes, from sole traders to multinationals, and their support comes in many different forms too; from donating and fundraising, to joining us as a corporate supporter or working with us to achieve an environmental objective.

The Trust’s Fundraising Officer Chris Grice explains “Environmental good practice is now as central to business success as sound financial management. Making a strong and visible investment in our area’s moorlands, woodlands and waterways from the Rother to the Peak shows that a business is committed to tomorrow’s customers and employees, and to the world it will share with them. A greener future is a powerfully attractive vision which businesses are increasingly aligning themselves with. We thank Egress for their support, and look forward to working with them to make Sheffield and Rotherham even better for local people and wildlife.”

Find out more at or drop Chris an email.