Rawmarsh in Rotherham Skyline. Image: 'Paige...,'/Flickr Adapted. (CC BY 2.0)

Nature Recovery Rotherham welcomes Council’s declaration of nature crisis

Nature Recovery Rotherham have welcomed today’s announcement from Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council that they have passed a motion to declare a nature crisis.

In March over 360 local individuals and 80 groups including Sheffield & Rotherham Wildlife Trust, Rotherham Climate Action and Friends of the Earth joined together as ‘Nature Recovery Rotherham’ in an alliance to declare a nature emergency in the area.

Nature Recovery Rotherham formed a working group to help local residents and businesses take action for nature whilst also encouraging the council to declare an emergency and implement an action plan.

In addition to today’s nature crisis declaration, the council have also committed to commissioning a review to support improvements to ensure a more enhanced natural environment, and that their approach to tackling climate change will complement actions on the nature crisis as well as continuing other measures to improve biodiversity and progress the council’s Climate Change Action Plans.

Cllr Marnie Havard, representative for Wales ward and proposer of the nature crisis motion, said:

“The nature crisis motion is so important to allow us to work across the council and imbed our concerns on our decreasing wildlife and nature to take positive steps for change and better outcomes.”

Liz Ballard, Chief Executive of Sheffield & Rotherham Wildlife Trust, said:

“This is a significant step in the right direction from Rotherham Council to help bring about nature’s recovery alongside tough action on climate change.

“We are losing our wildlife at a faster rate than ever before, with one in four species in the UK now at threat of extinction.

“The UK is one of the most ‘nature depleted’ countries in the world, and it’s happening right here on our doorstep. We rely on nature to provide us with clean air, water, food and space to enjoy and breathe.

“It is also critical that actions on climate are also good for nature, so I welcome this encouraging development and look forward to the council’s review, finding out more about what targets will be set for nature’s recovery in Rotherham and how we can help to inform and support their plans.

“We encourage everyone to sign up to declare a nature emergency and find out how they can take action for nature by searching online for Nature Recovery Rotherham”.

Main image: ‘Paige…,’/Flickr Adapted. (CC BY 2.0)