Reversing the Decline of Insects at Woodhouse Washlands

The report from Professor Dave Goulson, Reversing the Decline of Insects, sets out how important it is that we act now to reverse the decline of insects and see them thrive once more. We are already doing important work across our nature reserves to aid in reversing this decline. 

For example over the past three years we’ve been improving the Woodhouse Washlands nature reserve by creating a network of new ponds and ditches, and undertaking a river restoration project on the Rother. Additionally we managed the grasslands with a mixture of conservation grazing and traditional haymeadow management. All of this work has had benefits to a range of dragonfly, butterfly and moth species. Dragonfly Surveys were carried out at Woodhouse Washlands as part of the Data for Nature project and 15 species of odonata were recorded on site following the works. 

By working together, we can change the future of insects. Starting right now, you can make small changes in your home, lifestyle and community that will help these fascinating creatures. Follow the advice in our Action for Insects guide and create an insect-friendly garden that is teeming with wildlife.

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(c) Luke Nelson, Nabil Abbas