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Carr House Meadows

Spring is in the air

[lead]Even if a few cold snaps turn up, March really feels like spring. The lengthening days mean you can see some daylight even if you’re at work all day, the morning birdsong is reaching a crescendo, and the blackthorn blossom is bursting exuberantly though the hedgerows.[/lead]

If you’re lucky you might catch March hares cavorting with what looks like sheer joy! A stroll may reward you with the call of the chiff-chaff on woodland edges while the golden gleam of lesser celandine, one of the first woodland flowers to appear, is sure to gladden your heart on any sunny spring walk.

Make the most of those lighter evenings when the clocks change, and if it’s not too cold you might spot the first pipistrelle bats as they emerge to feast on insects. Keep an eye out for toads crossing the roads as they search for their breeding ponds. Some kind souls even set up ‘toad patrols’ to help them cross and save them from traffic.

Volunteer Work Days

Give us a hand with our Volunteer Work Days and who knows what other signs of spring you’ll discover! Combine wildlife and wellbeing by joining us for an hour or two at Wyming Brook & Fox Hagg on Tuesday 6th and Friday 18th. We’ll be at Centenary Riverside on Monday 12th, Blacka Moor on Thursday 15th, Woodhouse Washlands on Friday 16th; Greno Woods on Friday 23rd, and Sunnybank on Wednesday 28th. Volunteer Work Days are great for getting in some healthy exertion in great company while helping local wildlife; all without gym fees too!

Live near a reserve?

If you’d like to know more about how we manage your local reserve, come along to your local reserve User Forum. They’re a great chance to ask questions and find out about future plans. The next ones are the Blacka Moor User Forum at Totley Athletics Club Pavilion, on Saturday 24th, 10am-12pm, and the Woodhouse Washlands User Forum at Woodhouse Library on Thursday 29th, 6-7.30pm.

Learn about forest fungi!

If you’d like to get an unusual view of a forest, join us on Thursday 15th, 6.30-9pm at our HQ on Stafford Road for an inspiring evening in the company of experts and hear about the fascinating fungi of Greno Woods from incredible slime moulds to beautiful crust fungi! They’ll reveal the findings of last year’s survey, and we’ll explain why fungi conservation is integral to the wider management of woodlands.

Wherever you are there’s something to help you go wild this month and make the most of March. Keep up to date with all the latest natural news and events by following us on social media, and let us know what you find on your wild adventures!

You can find out more details about all our events and workshops by visiting our events page or email for more information about volunteering on your local reserve.