Street Tree Working Strategy for Sheffield sets out new direction for the care of the city’s highway trees

Street Tree Wardens Needed!

Sheffield’s new exemplary Street Tree Strategy, being delivered by the new Sheffield Street Tree Partnership, is seeking volunteers who are passionate about trees and wildlife in general.

Sheffield is known nationally for its street trees, many of them planted over 100 years ago by the far-sighted community leaders of the time. However, maintaining and increasing the canopy cover of those street trees, taking into account their increasing age and the emerging disease threats to them, requires the support of the whole community.

The network of volunteers will help monitor the health of existing street trees, including supporting the planting and care of new young trees. They will also help to influence the planting of additional young trees, their location and species selection, contributing to an improvement in the environment of your neighbourhood, and Sheffield as whole.

Volunteers will be asked initially to commit to 30 hours per year to deliver core responsibilities, but there is scope for more should individuals choose.

Sheffield Street Tree Warden Advert
Sheffield Street Tree Warden Job Description