We are excited to launch our #ActionForInsects school guide

We have launched a new FREE suite of resources available for teachers, uniformed groups and home schoolers as part of our Action for Insects campaign. Six sessions have been developed aimed to inspire and educate young people about our amazing insects, the problems they face and actions we can take to make a difference.

Our bugs, moths, butterflies and other insects are in deep trouble. Insects are dying out up to 8 times faster than larger animals, and 41% of insights face extinction. But it’s not too late! Our Action for Insects campaign has been created to help these special creatures, and we want schools to take part. That’s why we’ve produced a school guide, full of lessons plans and resources to help your school to take action for insects. 

Whether it’s through a bug hunt, creating insect homes in your school grounds, or delivering a campaign to help insects, there are lots of ways that your school can make a difference and learn at the same time. 

Download here now! 




(c) Children, Helena Dolby 
Soldier Beetle, Jon Hawkins Surrey Hills Photography