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Making Wild Memories in Lockdown

As we approach autumn and the change of season, we’re now reflecting on our wild memories of lockdown. Many of you got in touch to tell us how lockdown allowed you to re-connect with nature on your doorstep; noticing the cheery daffodils of spring and carpets of bluebells in summer, and simply enjoying the wildlife all around us.

We have heard some wonderful stories from you, from learning birdsong to identify birds, to appreciating the simple pleasures of playing with sticks and racing them down streams – here are some of our favourite memories from you. Thank you so much for sharing

“I can ID a few common birds by song now. Because of this I found out that quite a few greenfinches live nearby, which I hadn’t spotted by eye before!”

“The one thing I’m sure of is that as a family we’ll go walking in our local area much more, and not always feel the need to drive out to the Peaks. I look forward to seeing the autumn colours.”

“I have always enjoyed wildlife, especially the garden squirrels, however, we have realised over lockdown we also have foxes and hedgehogs. We will be focusing a lot more on nocturnal life in the garden.”

“Re-wilding my garden.  Sewing wild flower seeds and keeping the grass in most of it long.  Creating a pond, hedgehog house and avoiding all harmful chemicals that can upset the ecosystem”

“Taking life a little bit more slowly – fun doesn’t have to cost money!”

To remember your wild lockdown, we are offering you your very own lockdown photo frame as a keepsake when you become a member of the Trust throughout Autumn. We couldn’t do the work we do protecting the green spaces and wildlife across Sheffield and Rotherham that we rely so much on without the support of our members and volunteers. It means the world to us.

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