You did it! We hit our target and raised £1,911 to unlock vital funding

You did it! Our wonderful members and supporters have hit the fundraising target and raised £1,911 to unlock vital funding to carry out a project for the  improvement of the habitat of Greno Woods for insects and invertebrates and ultimately the health of the whole woodland. 

Greno Woods is a large and beautiful nature reserve. A site of Ancient Woodland with records going back to the fourteenth century, though it is without doubt much older, it was purchased by Sheffield Wildlife Trust in 2012 using the proceeds of a public appeal in order to prevent unsympathetic development and to manage it in perpetuity for the benefit of people and wildlife. Greno Woods is freely open to visitors who come to enjoy fresh air and recreation, picnics, horse riding, walking, wildlife watching or to learn about the local environment & history.

Restoring Greno Woods to their ancient glory is a long term aim and there is still much work to do to achieve it. The next project is focused on restoring sections of habitat in Greno Woods in order to promote insects and invertebrates, creatures vital to the whole ecology of the woodland as pollinators and food source. We intend to carry out a variety of habitat improvements, reflecting the diversity of wildlife we aim to promote. Including, 

  • Careful management of 3km of woodland ride; scrub, bramble and bracken will create a mosaic of acid grassland, flowers, heather and bilberry, providing valuable feeding and breeding resource for a range of insects including the reserve’s many butterflies. These rides will form a superhighway for species such as dragonflies as they move between the reserve’s growing network of ponds.
  • Manage 4 hectares of young planting (the woodland of tomorrow) to support the development of young trees without resorting to the use of damaging chemicals.  Work will include thinning around seedling trees and the use of mulch matting on new seedlings.
  • Protecting Greno’s northern wood ant population. Greno’s heathland is the stronghold of the northern wood ant, a species recorded on only a handful of sites in the Sheffield area and a cornerstone of woodland ecology.  By thinning scrub on the heath the project will expand the area that can be used by wood ant which need open sunny areas to build their nests.
  • Created four ponds on site planted with a range of aquatic plants that will allow them to support a range of aquatic invertebrates, including dragonflies, as well as frogs, toads and newts.
  • Remove excess holly from 0.5 hectares of woodland, opening up new areas of the woodland floor to wild flowers crucial to insects.

The estimated cost to carry out this diverse project is £19,111 and the Landfill Communities Funder Biffa Award has approved a request for a grant for this amount.

And this is where our wonderful members and supporters stepped in to help. In order to access the funding from Biffa Award, we have to pay a 10% Third Party Contribution to the Landfill Operator Biffa Waste Services – £1911 – and we aren’t allowed to use the Trust’s own funds or that of the contractors who will carry out the work. We have to be able to prove that the funds have been raised specifically for this purpose.

Thank you so much to everyone that donated. Every £1 donation you gave has secured £11.36 of funding for work to protect wildlife habitats and improve the visitor experience to Greno Woods.

We are now working with members and supporters to reach the target for a similar appeal for our Carbrook Ravine nature reserve. We have already raised £2,075 but still need to raise a further £543 to unlock vital funding to carry out a woodland improvement project on our Carbrook Ravine nature reserve. Could you help us over the line? Donate here.

Thank you.