Hedgehog, by Tom Marshall

Sign the petition to keep ‘State of Nature’ Environment Bill amendments

We need urgent action from the Government to protect nature.
The Prime Minister has called on world leaders to agree to turn round nature’s decline by 2030. In just a few months, Governments from around the world will come together to try and agree a global target to stop our natural world from being destroyed. But there’s no such commitment in law to do the same here at home.

The Environment Bill is our last chance to set this right.
Time and again, we’ve seen that positive words come to nothing unless they’re backed up in law. However, currently the Bill doesn’t guarantee Government action. In fact, no targets would be binding until almost a decade later than the Government is demanding from others.

There must be a legally binding target for nature’s recovery .
We’re calling for a change to the Bill to strengthen the law, to guarantee that we reverse the loss of nature by 2030. This is serious. The most recent ‘State of Nature Report’ showed – once again – the need for urgent action. Almost half of UK wildlife is in long term decline and 15% of species are at risk of extinction.

Nature conservation groups have joined together – via a campaign coordinated by Wildlife & Countryside Link – to urge the Prime Minister to make sure this crucial change gets through. Will you join us?

Sign the petition to call on the Prime Minister to write the recovery of nature into law. We must act now!

Add your voice and sign the petition asking the Government to keep the ‘state of nature’ amendments we have put forward as a sector:

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