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Cumbria Uni Students at Ughill

SRWT and SYWP host Cumbria University Site visit at Ughill Farm

On 8th May a group of forestry students from the University of Cumbria visited the Trust’s site at Ughill Farm to consider how woodland creation could be designed on a landscape scale and how this might be balanced with a working hill farm.

Matt North from South Yorkshire Woodland Partnership, and Keith Tomkins, SRWT toured the site and gave an overview of the multiple considerations that need to be factored in before planting trees, including the presence of peat, ground nesting birds and other special habitats whilst also accounting for the needs of a working upland hill farm.

Group pic @ Cumbria University

Mike Jones, course leader said;
‘The students came away with a much better understanding of the issues and constraints around woodland creation in sensitive sites. Some of the same issues came up on later visits, and they were able to make connections with what they saw at Ughill. Your project looks very interesting and very practically based, so the group all found it very relatable. Good luck with the next phase!

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The students are on the following programmes: 

Woodland Ecology and Conservation:

And Forest Management:

If you should require more info on planting trees on a working farm or the Ughill Farm please check the Trusts web page or contact South Yorkshire Woodland Partnership