New report shows biosecurity and cattle movement key to bTB control

Today the Government has published its independent Bovine TB Strategy Review, commissioned by the Environment Secretary, Michael Gove.

We welcome the review’s findings that a change of emphasis is required in the government’s strategy for eradicating bovine tuberculosis (bTB). We urge the government to halt their flawed policy of badger culling which leads to tens of thousands of badgers being killed every year.

We believe that cattle and not badgers should be the focus of efforts to eradicate bTB. We support the review’s recommendation that the focus of the strategy should be shifted to addressing the transmission of bTB between cattle, the main route of infection.

The Wildlife Trusts are ideally placed to work with the government and farmers to deliver badger vaccination at a wide scale.

We call on the government to:

  • Halt the badger cull now.
  • Invest in and promote a strategy for badger vaccination. This should be led and funded by the Government across England.
  • Invest more time and resource in supporting improved farm biosecurity and movement controls.
  • Accelerate development of more effective tests for bTB in cattle and put serious investment into a bTB cattle vaccine. This is a cattle problem, not a wildlife problem.

To support our appeal for funds to launch a vaccination programme in Sheffield and Rotherham, please donate at www.wildsheffield.com/badgers.

To read more about this issue, visit our Badgers and bTB campaign page.