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Fieldfare by Don Sutherland
© Don Sutherland


Turdus pilaris

The Fieldfare is a large, colourful thrush which visits the UK in the winter to feast on berry-laden bushes in hedgerows, woodland, parks and playing fields.

© Don Sutherland

Fieldfares are sociable birds and can be seen in flocks of over 200 birds roaming through the countryside. They may venture into gardens when there is snow cover or it is a severe winter.

How to Identify

Fieldfares have a chestnut-brown back, and yellowy breast streaked with black, a black tail, dark wings and pale grey rump and head. Just a little smaller than the Mistle Thrush, they are quite distinctive.

Where to Find

A widespread winter visitor.

How People Can Help

Under four pairs of Fieldfare now nest in the UK making this bird a breeding rarity and a Red List species in the Birds of Conservation Concern review. To help protect our breeding birds, The Wildlife Trusts are working closely with farmers and landowners to promote wildlife-friendly practices. We are working towards a ‘Living Landscape’: a network of habitats and wildlife corridors across town and country, which are good for both wildlife and people. You can support this greener vision for the future by joining your local Wildlife Trust.

Did you know?

Fieldfares will nest in small colonies, giving them greater protection against predators and higher breeding success. They will aggressively defend the nest, often pelting intruders with droppings.

Key Facts

  • Length: 24-26cm
  • Wingspan: 40cm
  • Weight: 100g
  • Average Lifespan: 2 years


Donate to help support Fieldfares and other wildlife.

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